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discontinuance n : the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent) [syn: discontinuation] [ant: continuance, continuance]

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  1. The occurrence of something being discontinued; a cessation; an ending.

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Discontinuation is to quit a procedure, and has different meanings for a treatment of an individual and a whole brand of a drug product:
  • Discontinuation of a treatment is to stop taking a drug. There are several reasons for discontinuation, e.g.:
    • The ailment or reason it was taken has disappeared.
    • The adverse effects overweight the desired effects.
    • Other, better, alternatives are available.
  • Discontinuation for drug products is when a product's manufacture and/or support are stopped by the company that makes the product. This is usually due to low sales, but it does not mean the product never sold well. Many high selling products eventually see a drop in sales and eventual discontinuation, usually after being superseded by a superior product.

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